Name of KVK Award(s) received Conferring agency Year Details of award(s): Cash prize/Citation/ both
Port Blair Best District Level farmers (Shri Maindra Dhali) Andaman and Nicobar Administration 2014 Rs 10,000.00 Land Based IFS
Best Kisan Award (Smt.Shyama Halder) CIARI 2015 Rs.3,000.00 For her meritorious contribution for feed formulation with locally available materials
Car Nicobar Farmer Innovation Awards (Mr. A Nazir Hussain, Car Nicobar) Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, Nagapattinam 2014 Rs.3,000.00 For his innovation in fabrication of fishing gear by locally available material
2nd Prize for Best Stall in Carnic / Tribal Festival Nicobar Administration 2015 Certificate. For Displaying IFS and Agricultural technologies relevant for Nicobar district.
N & M Andamans Best Horticultural produce Sh.Shyampada Roy CIARI 2015 Rs.2,500.00 For displaying best horticulture produce during Kisan Mela 2015 at CIARI
Aurangabad Best stall award BAU Sabour Bhagalpur 2014-15 Citation
Jehanabad (i)1st prize for KVK stall( exhibit)during Farmers fair (1st-3rd March 2015), BAU, Sabour
(ii)2 nd prize for sending weekly news for weekly e-news letter for BAU, Sabour,
(i)BAU, Sabour (Bhagalpur)
(ii)BAU, Sabour (Bhagalpur)
(i)2014-15,                  (ii)2014-15 (i)Certificate                             (ii)Certificate
Khagaria 1. Sending maximum no of Text Message to the farmers through SMS-portal
2. Publishing maximum no of Weekly e-news for e-news letter
3. Stall exhibition in Kisan Mela at BAU, Sabour
BAU, Sabour, Bhagalpur 2014-15 20-05-14 – Second position for sending maximum no of text messages among KVKs of BAU, Sabour
18-10-14 – Second position for sending maximum no of text messages among KVKs of BAU, Sabour
18-10-14 – First position for publishing maximum number of weekly event news for e-newsletter among KVKs of BAU,Sabour                                                02-03-15 – Third position in stall exhibition among KVKs of BAU, Sabour in Kisan Mela
08-05-15 – Third position for publishing maximum number of weekly event news for e-newsletter among KVKs of BAU, Sabour
Kishanganj Md Hasmat Rehan BAU, Sabour 2015 Both
Md. Rafique BAU, Sabour 2014 Both
Nazra Mandal BAU, Sabour 2014 Both
Lakhisarai Kisan Mela BAU, Sabour, Bhaglpur 2015 Certificate of best Stall
Patna Best KVK Scientist Award ISEE 2015 Citation
Rohtas a) Best Innovative farmer Award
b) Innovative farmer Award
c) Innovative farmer Award
d) Innovative farmer Award
e) Innovative farmer Award
f) Innovative
farmer Award
a) ICAR-CPRI, Shimla & IPA, Shimla
c) BAU, Sabour, Bhagalpur
d) ICAR-CPRI, Shimla & IPA, Shimla
e) BAU, Kisan Mela-2015, Sabour, Bhagalpur
f) DAO, Rohtas
f) 2015
Gumla Best NICRA KVK of Zone-II ICAR 2011-2014 Cash (1 lakh) & Citation
Pakur Best stall award CPRI,Patna, BAU, Ranchi 2014-15 Citation
Ranchi Best women farmers BAU, Ranchi 2014-15 Prize and citation
Best lac producer in Jharkhand BAU, Ranchi 2014-15 Prize and citation
Best progressive farmers BAU, Ranchi 2014-15 Prize and citation
National Award for vegatable farming ICAR 2014-15 Prize and citation
Saraikela Excellent Lac Promotion Executive Award IINRG, Namkum 2014 Citation
Burdwan 2nd prize in poster presentation in National Conference on Indigenous Innovation and Foreign Technology Transfer in Fertilizer Industry: Needs, Constraints and Desired Simplification Society of Fertilizer and Environment & CRIJAF (ICAR) Barrackpore 2015 Cash Prize of Rs. 3000/- and a certificate
Coochbehar Farmers award received by Morjina Bibi and Biren Das at Krishi Mela-2015 org. by UBKV UBKV 2015 Both Cash and Certificate
Dakshin Dinajpur Innovator farmers award(01), Progressive farmers award(03) 22nd RCM Meeting of ICAR,CIFRI, BKP, Kol.,UBKV Krishi Mela-2014-15 2014-15 Certificate of recognition for Innovative activity (01) & adoption of advanced agril practice (03) as progressive activity.
Darjeeling Agrani Krishak Sanman UBKV 2014-15 Citation
Howrah Best Extension Professional Society of Extension Education, Agra 2014 Memento and certificate
Uttar Dinajpur Best exhibition Stall in the Central Krishi Mela, 2014-15 of UBKV UBKV 2014-15 Citation and Memento